Bebika Pushes Manisha

Bebika Pushes Manisha


Bebika Pushes Manisha On various occasions When She Attempted To Embrace Her
Bigg Supervisor OTT 2 LIVE:
Bebika began taunting Manisha Rani as Group Fallen angel centers around her. Bebika pushes Manisha on numerous occasions when she attempted to embrace her. Abhishek solaces Manisha with an embrace and guards her before Bebika.

Bebika Pushes Manisha:

In the 38th episode of Bigg Manager OTT Season 2, Manisha Rani and Bebika Dhurve had a major contention during a group task. The housemates were parted into two gatherings: Satan group (with Elvish Yadav, Bebika Dhurve, Aashika Bhatia, and Jiya Shankar) and the Heavenly messenger group (with Jad Hadid, Abhishek Malhan, Manisha Rani, and Avinash Sachdev). The Heavenly messenger group had a few principles to follow, as not crying, not raising their voice, or not lashing out. Satan group’s assignment was to make the Heavenly messenger colleagues disrupt these norms. During the errand, Bebika pushed Manisha, prompting a warmed trade. Abhishek upheld Manisha, and the contention went on after the undertaking was finished.

During the errand, Bebika Dhurve raised a previous contention with Manisha Rani and blamed her for utilizing terrible language and abusing her. Bebika likewise guaranteed that Manisha just spends time with young men and pursues them. Manisha didn’t disregard Bebika’s allegations and continued to deny them. She attempted to reconcile by embracing Bebika, however Bebika rejected, saying she doesn’t need such an embrace. Bebika further affirmed that Manisha assembled her profession by engaging with young men and called her inhumane.

While Manisha attempted to embrace Bebika once more, Bebika powerfully drove her away, making Manisha cry. Abhishek Malhan came to comfort Manisha and embraced her to quiet her down. Bebika continued to say that Manisha is phony, and due to the battle, the Heavenly messenger group’s most memorable rule was broken. Abhishek went to bat for Manisha and blamed Bebika for pushing her. This prompted a warmed contention among Abhishek and Bebika, with Malhan blaming Bebika for being forceful towards Manisha.

After the errand, Pooja Bhatt announced Satan group the victors in light of the fact that Manisha cried and disrupted the guideline. Manisha then, at that point, made sense of for Pooja that Bebika got rough and pushed her, which can get individuals tossed out of the house. Abhishek upheld Manisha and told Pooja that Bebika to be sure pushed her. This prompted a warmed contention among Abhishek and Bebika, with Malhan taking steps to slap her. Abhishek additionally asked Pooja not to help Bebika since she pushed Manisha. In any case, that’s what pooja said assuming Bebika had pushed Manisha, Bigg Supervisor would have mediated.

During the contention, Manisha offered a pernicious expression that rankled Bebika. Manisha said, “Nobody will think often about you after the show. Nobody will need to be involved with a young lady like you. Your folks should feel embarrassed about your way of behaving. “The contention proceeded, and Bebika blamed Manisha for carrying her folks into the battle. Afterward, Abhishek prompted Manisha not to include her folks. Prior to dozing, Manisha was seen crying and saying ‘sorry’ to Bebika’s folks through the camera.