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Privacy Policy


What you share with us:

In order to offer you the services you’ve requested, we collect personal information about you when you use any of our website features such as newsletter or magazine subscription subscriptions, or when you complete surveys, enter contests, enter competitions, or sign up for community forums. This may include information such as your name, e-mail address, postal address, and telephone number. With your consent, we’ll let you decide how we use your personal data for marketing, and you can change your mind at any moment.

Attending a gathering:

Our events, awards, and conferences may need us to collect personal information about you, such as your name and contact information as well as any dietary and accessibility needs. We may provide the platform hosting the event with your name and contact information if you attend one of our events remotely.

Content that you share with us:

We may obtain personal information about you if you choose to post comments, images, videos, or other anything on our site.

When you use our sites or services, we automatically gather the following information: For example, we may collect information regarding your usage of our websites or other online material, and the device(s) you use to access our services. For example, we may collect information on how you use our website and the devices and technology you use to access it. It’s also possible that we’ll be able to recognize you or your device based on other online identifiers like your device ID, type, and approximate location while you were browsing. We can use this information to learn more about you and your preferences. For more information on how we gather and use this data, as well as how to opt-out, read What data is collected on our websites? and our Cookies Policy.

Analysis, reporting, and research-based on data:

In addition, we keep track of the pages you visit, how long you stay on each page, and which links you click on while you’re there. This allows us to enhance our content delivery and the products and services we provide to you. Reporting and selling ads are two further uses of anonymized data that we have in place. We may also need to get in touch with you if you have any feedback on a product or service you received from us.

Other sources of information: 

Our personal information may be supplemented by information we obtain from other sources (such as information about your postal or e-mail addresses). Our commercial partners, Group companies, and social media platforms may also provide us with data. When you go to one of our Facebook sites, for example. There are a number of other ways that we may gather more personal information about you, including inferred data and demographics. For example, we may link your contact or subscription information to the activities you’ve undertaken on any of our websites. Choosing to get emails from any of our Group companies will also allow you to receive emails from other brands that may be of interest to you.


In order to produce an online identification code for your device that is unique to you, we may share your  IP address, email address, or information about your browser or operating system with our partners who use this information to identify you. In order to re-identify you, this code does not contain any of your personal information. It is possible that we will share this hashed, pseudonymous code with our advertising partners and other third-party advertising firms around the world for the purpose of providing attention content or targeted marketing throughout your online experience.

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