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When it comes to’s services, this includes its website (referred to herein as the “theiconicblogger Website”) as well as its Internet messaging service and any other features, material, or applications that may be supplied by in connection with the theiconicblogger Website at various times (collectively, the ” theiconicblogger”).

Legally binding terms for user use of theiconicblogger Services are included in this Agreement (the “Agreement”). As a condition of your use of (the “Site”) and any services provided by the firm, including but not limited to distribution of material via the Site, any mobile or internet-connected device, or otherwise, you agree to these terms of service (the “Terms”). You agree to be bound by these Terms if you use or access the Site or Service or click “I agree.” All parties hereto agree that they are of legal age and that they have the capacity to enter into this agreement as well as to abide by all of its provisions; they are also bound by these terms. Under the supervision of their parents or legal guardians, individuals under the age of 18 may use the site’s services, but only under the parent’s or legal guardian’s registered account. As a condition of using this site in any way, you agree to create an account by providing certain personally identifiable information, including but not limited to: a valid e-mail and/or mailing address as well as a valid phone number. Anyone who uses this site of the Company to host, publish, share, transact, display or submit information or opinions is referred to as a “User,” and includes anyone else who is involved in the use of the site.

By using theiconicblogger services, whether as a “Visitor” (i.e., someone who only browses theiconicblogger website) or a “Member,” you agree to be bound by the terms of this agreement (which means that the user has registered with When referring to visitors or members, the term “User” is used.

Users are only allowed to use theiconicblogger Services if they agree to abide by all applicable laws and this Agreement. Regardless of whether access control or use is intended. If you don’t understand anything, don’t hesitate to ask for clarification.


Publish Content has the right to remove any content that deems to be in violation of this Agreement or that may be offensive, illegal, or harmful to any person. Neither theiconicblogger nor its employees are obligated to keep an eye out for any potentially objectionable content or behaviour on theiconicblogger’s services. No responsibility is assumed by if it chooses to monitor the theiconicblogger Services at any time; is not obligated to modify or remove any pornographic material, and assumes no responsibility of the User who submits any such content for review or modification at any time.

Any and all content or information that user transmits to other Members and for any interactions that user has with other Members is the exclusive responsibility of the user who posts it on or through any of theiconicblogger Services. Content is not endorsed or controlled by in any way. The viewpoints and policies of are not necessarily reflected in the content that is published on the site. There are no warranties, either express or implied, made by as to any of the content or accuracy and reliability of the content.

The Copyright Act

All copyrighted and trademarked material, as well as proprietary information belonging to others, must be obtained prior to posting, modifying, disseminating, or reproducing it. As a matter of policy, will remove any Member who violates the copyright rights of others more than once after prompt notification from the copyright owner or that owner’s legal representative. Theiconicblogger’s Copyright Agent can be contacted if a user believes that their work has been copied and placed on theiconicblogger Services in a manner that constitutes copyright infringement.

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