How Property Managers Hire Contractors



We all know that property managers carry an incredible amount of responsibility. It does not matter what sector you are in or what the property is used for. As the world starts to open up again, we all need to make sure that we are working with business partners and contractors that we can trust.


When there is work to be done, we want to know that the people we bring on board can take care of the issue quickly, efficiently, and with minimal fuss. While some property managers keep specialist employees on staff to deal with these issues, most turn to independent contractors. If you want to know more about how this process works, keep reading.


Why Contractors?

The first point to cover is the question of why people turn to contractors instead of bringing on full-time staff. There are several reasons why contractors are a better bet, starting with the likelihood that this may be a one-time issue that you’re dealing with. Hiring a freelance contractor instead of a full-time employee is typically much quicker as the contracts are significantly simpler. You can bring them on board for a specific project and communicate exactly what you need from them.



Know What You’re Looking For

Once the property manager knows what project you need contractors to work on, the first step is identifying what they need from your contractors. Unless there already is an established relationship with a contractor or firm, the smart thing to do is to cast a wide net. Look for experience working in the area that you need. Look for examples of recent projects, and do not be afraid to ask for reviews and evidence of satisfied customers.


Ask The Right Questions

The contractor and freelancer market is competitive, especially when things are tough. The pandemic hit everyone hard, so the chances are good that you will be getting a lot of interesting responses from any feelers that the property manager puts out. The key to finding the right contractors is asking the right questions.



Contractors need to be pitching the property manager why they are the right people for the job. However, they should be wary of any pitches that seem too good to be true. If someone offers a timeframe that seems unrealistic, it’s time to go out and get a second bid.


Get Everything in Writing

One of the most important elements in hiring the right contractor is getting the contract right. Dubai’s property risks are low right now, but both sides need to ensure that every detail is set in stone. That includes the materials that they are going to use, the payment schedule, and the start and end dates of the job.

But perhaps more importantly, the contract includes details of who will be liable for making sure that you have the right permits, and who will be liable in case of any accidents, overruns, or injury (always make sure that your contractors have their own insurance), and who is responsible for any clean-up after the conclusion of the job.


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