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10 types of sports



What sports are you into? There are so many types of sports to choose from! Soccer, basketball, tennis, baseball, football—the list goes on and on. Some of these games are so popular that they have their leagues and championships, while others are more obscure and only played by certain groups of people in certain parts of the world. Are you into any of these sports? Maybe you’re a fan of one or two; perhaps you know about all ten types!



Sometimes called the beautiful game, soccer is one of the most popular sports in North America and Europe. Matches are fast-paced, high-scoring affairs as players attempt to maneuver a ball into a goal. It’s also one of the highest-scoring games out there, with professional and amateur leagues awarding up to five points for purposes—and allowing up to four or five players on each team per match.



Two players hit a lightweight, feathered shuttlecock back and forth over a net in badminton. This game is low-impact, so it’s appropriate for people with joint problems or who want to exercise while avoiding strain on their bodies. Badminton is great for developing hand-eye coordination, agility, and reflexes, but it also tests those skills since it requires such speed and precision.



Field Hockey

It is often played on any open stretch of grass in developing countries and is not limited to any set pitch. Men, women, and children may play the game. However, only men can play in international play except for particular competitions. Each team typically has 15 players, but numbers can vary due to personal or other reasons such as an injury during a match.



In volleyball, two teams are made up of six players; each occupies opposite sides of a net. Players can only hold one ball at a time and can’t bounce it off their bodies or hands. A team scores by landing the ball in its opponent’s court without letting go or hitting it into their court (unless they do so on purpose). If you want to find an excellent way to get some exercise, try playing some volleyball!




Ball games have been around for centuries. The first court game was invented in 1891 BC by Egyptian students who played with a ball made of ostrich feathers and sand. Today, basketball is very popular among people from different countries and generations. It’s no wonder that it is included in the official Olympic Games. Basketball fans can play it at school, university, or in professional league competitions, like the NBA. Basketball combines elements of many different sports but still has a distinctive character.



Anaerobic sport, tennis is a great way to move around, have fun with friends and family, and get an excellent workout. Tennis was once reserved for royalty—it was referred to as the game because it was only accessible to wealthy folks who could afford their playing courts—but has evolved into one of our favorite pastimes in recent years.



The most popular sport in England and Pakistan, Cricket, is played on an oval field by two teams. The object is to score more runs than your opponent by batting and running between four marks set in a square perimeter at each end of the field. Cricket also involves a bowler throwing or bowling a ball along a marked rectangular corridor called a pitch at a batsman who attempts to hit it with his bat while defending his wicket. These three vertical sticks constitute his goalposts.



Table Tennis

The rules are simple—if you hit your opponent’s ball out of bounds or touch your own more than twice, you lose a point. Although it originated in England in the late 1800s, table tennis is now very popular in China. It is one of only four Olympic medal events open to men and women.



The classic American sport. Baseball was invented in Massachusetts and is still a beloved pastime across America. The best-known teams are probably the New York Yankees and Los Angeles Dodgers, but there are many others. There’s also professional Minor League baseball—try going to a local game if you want to keep your love for baseball alive year-round!




If you’re looking for a leisurely, low-impact exercise that can help improve your golf game, walking is an excellent form of aerobic exercise. The level at which you walk will be determined by how much time you have available and your stamina—but if you keep it in an hour or so, it will burn calories and reduce stress levels. Golfing with friends can also be a fun way to stay motivated and keep your mind off weight loss.


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