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Gwen McTavish Biography



If you are wondering who Gwen McTavish is, you have come to the right place. This actress and producer has been in the industry for many years and is married to famous actor Graham McTavish. McTavish is a well-educated lady and has two daughters. She has had a lot of success and has inspired many women around the world. 


Gwen McTavish is a director and producer


The London-born filmmaker and producer are married to actor Graham McTavish. The couple has two daughters – Honor and a daughter-to-be named Grace. McTavish is well-known for her work in TV and film. During her childhood, McTavish fell in love with the film industry and studied at the Epsom Girls Grammar School.



Despite the success of their marriage, McTavish and Graham often had to struggle to make ends meet. In an interview with The Independent, McTavish revealed that they met at the airport and hit it off immediately.


The couple met in London, but their love story didn’t begin there. Originally from the Bay of Islands, Gwen grew up in New Zealand. Graham McTavish, meanwhile, started his career in London’s Repertory Theaters. The couple has two children, Gwen, a daughter, and a dog named Jack.


She has two daughters


A Mother and Two Daughters is a remarkable novel by Gail Godwin. The author masterfully balances the emotional and intellectual excesses of her characters, tempering disapproval with compassion, and balancing the force of the narrative. Although the book features recognizable characters from modern life, its overmodulation translates into a sense of tedious reasonableness that seems inappropriate in a work that deals with such painful experiences.



She is an educated lady


It may not be obvious, but Gwen McTavish is a well-educated lady, a graduate of Epsom Girls Grammar School. It is clear from her resume that she has the necessary educational background to become a successful director. Aside from her film and television career, McTavish is a mother of two daughters.


Although she has not disclosed her past life details, the public can safely assume that she is in her forties and fifties. Her body measurements are slim, but not too impressive. The entrepreneur has achieved a high level of success in her career, earning millions of dollars.



She is a strong woman


Despite her husband’s fame, Gwen McTavish is an independent and strong woman. The successful producer and director specializing in issues-driven story-telling. She has worked for broadcasters like the BBC and ITV, as well as companies such as Endemol and RDF. She has also produced fast-turnaround reality shows.


The director is also a producer, and her first feature film, “Where There is Life”, is about a Kiwi lady who was diagnosed with motor neuron disease. Margaret was given two years to live, but Gwen spent four years filming her story, which was later turned into an 80-minute documentary. McTavish is currently developing a new film, Tokyo Woman, for 2020.


She is a Christian


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The Gwen McTavish Family


Gwen McTavish was born in 1971 in London. In 2007, Gwen McTavish married actor Graham McTavish, and they have two daughters. One of them is named Honor, and the other is named Hope. The couple dated for years before they tied the knot in 2012. Both of them enjoy spending time with their daughters, and they frequently post photos of the family on Instagram. The McTavishs are currently enjoying married life.



Aside from her successful career, Gwen McTavish is also a successful and independent woman. As the wife of an acclaimed celebrity, Gwen works hard to earn a good living. She has two children. She has set an example for women worldwide. But, if you want to know her real life, she has not yet shared any personal details.


Graham McTavish, a Scottish actor, and Gwen McTavish, her husband, have two children. Graham is a famous author and actor, and their family is also well-known. Although they do not share their personal life with the public, the McTavishs are known for their secretive nature. Gwen McTavish’s children, MacKenzie Mauzy and Amy Shiels are both famous. To know more visit

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