Most popular sports in south Korea

Most popular sports in south Korea

In a world where technology is constantly evolving and changing, one thing that hasn’t changed much is people’s love for sports. Baseball is one of the most popular sports in South Korea. And no matter what part of the world you are in, there is always a popular game that people are passionate about. So in this blog.

We have compiled a list of the top 10 most popular sports in South Korea until 2022. From popular team sports like football and baseball to popular individual sports like swimming and running. You’re sure to find something you like on this list! So whether you’re a traditional sports fan or an up-and-coming newcomer, read on to learn more about the nation’s favorite pastimes.


Most popular sports in South Korea



Baseball is the most popular sport in South Korea. Baseball has several leagues available to listen to or play in, including college and professional teams. It begins with a regular season of about 40 games followed by a playoff series based on how well each team performs throughout the year. The Korea Series (or KBO League) follows this pattern. It culminates in a championship series featuring two best-of-seven matchups between teams representing major cities throughout the South.

Football in South Korea

In South Korea, soccer is one of the most popular sports in the country. They are played frequently at all levels of competition, including school, professional and amateur leagues that attract millions of people each season. Additionally, there are numerous football stadiums across the country so it is very easy to follow the games when they are on.


Basketball first entered Korea in the 1960s. South Korean players’ passion for basketball and the frequent televising of NBA games have helped make it a favorite among children and teenagers, although the training is more suitable for seniors like me than those who play soccer or volleyball. was

Basketball started as a sport but in the late 1990s, many different options emerged like badminton, volleyball, tennis, etc.


Since its introduction to Korea as one of North Korea’s favorite sports, its popularity has steadily increased. With a representative selection of competitions and leagues, it can still be played at home or with friends while enjoying a barbecue together.

This is the best place on earth ever for a list where you have all kinds of sports teams and the most popular sport is football. Maybe more trust me I have been playing soccer for 8 years… I try BMX because of others.

Golf in South Korea

Golf first entered Korea in the 19th century. The game was a popular pastime for both British and Japanese colonists, although it wasn’t until after World War II that South Koreans began playing recreationally on golf courses established by American military bases at the time. Since then the number of players chasing the “Golden Touch” has steadily increased and as interest has grown so has competition between the Seoul Golf Club, which opened in 1965, and the Seoul Golf Club, which opened in 1971. Popping up more frequently on television, amateurs compete in a handful of amateur tournaments around the country before turning professional.

Swimming in South Korea

The first swimming pool opened in Korea during the Japanese colonial period. Many of these early pools have since closed, but some remain and are kept open as tourist attractions, while others are still thousands of years old.

These ancient hillside pools have heavy rock retaining walls to prevent water from flowing over time and wooden pyramids over bridges to protect swimmers. One such pool can be found on Dax Mountain, which is almost as old.


One of the most popular sports played in South Korea. The sport was imported from India and first became popular among Koreans during the Japanese colonial period, when it not only provided entertainment but also a form of exercise.

Tradition has it that throwing shuttlecocks over people’s heads at banquets is an ancient way for newlyweds to show respect to each other. Before turning pro, Park Sung Hyun enjoyed badminton a lot.


It is one of the most popular sports in South Korea. In 1924, bowling lanes were added to temples in Seoul. An annual tournament was started that continues today, attracting the best bowlers in the world. The most famous television show for bowling is Pin4, which has been on the air since 1961.

Korean Martial Arts

Many martial arts originated in Korea, including Taekwondo and Koku So Do. Korean women have also made their own on the martial arts scene, some of them developing a distinct style that draws from both Hapkido-do and Tae Kyon Chang.


In 2007, e-sports was chosen as the theme for the South Korean President’s Special Award. The Ministry of Culture and Sports and Unibank jointly hosted “e-Sports 20” in 2009. This event features games played using normal PC units.

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