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All the Different Types of Cars You Can Find in Pakistan



All the Different Types of Cars You Can Find in Pakistan


When you hear the word car, what do you think? Do you think of the big SUVs you can use to carry your family and friends around, or maybe one of the small cars that are great for running quick errands around town? Maybe you even think of those racing cars you see on television! Whatever comes to mind when you hear the word car, it probably isn’t one of these types of vehicles! If you want to learn more about all the different types of cars in Pakistan, check out this comprehensive list below.



In Pakistan, SUVs are growing in popularity. They’re popular with older drivers and young families alike. Some people think they’re better than sedans because they’re more fuel efficient and provide a bigger cabin area. There are lots of types of SUVs on the market and prices vary wildly, so you can always find one that suits your budget.




One type of car that’s popular in Pakistan is the hatchback. They are either classified as five-door or three-door, depending on how many doors they have. Hatchbacks are popular because they combine style and efficiency with affordability. With a larger trunk and rear seat than some other cars, hatchbacks are suitable for carrying lots of cargo, or having a friend or family member travel with you!



The most popular type of car you can find in Pakistan is the sedan. They’re about average in price and size, and some are pretty popular. One specific example is the Honda City, one of the best-selling cars on the market right now. These are really common all over Asia, but they’re a little more expensive than you might expect to pay for a car here because they’ve got to be imported from Japan. If you want something a little cheaper, go with something like a Suzuki Swift or an i10.



One of the most popular types of cars in this country is convertibles. They come with different trim levels and are often adorned with flashy custom body kits. Convertibles offer a pleasant, wind-in-your-hair ride. There’s nothing quite like cruising down a sunny street on a warm afternoon when everyone else is hiding from the sun under an umbrella or indoors. Just watch out for stray rocks kicked up by cars on your way! Some people might find convertibles a little less safe than other types of cars because there isn’t any protection from wind, rain, or other weather conditions that can make driving hard.


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A 4×4 is a type of vehicle that comes equipped with four-wheel drive. This means it can both be driven on paved roads and unpaved terrain. It’s meant to travel long distances without a problem, so this type of car is great for mountain trips or off-road camping. All-terrain vehicles are very similar, but they are not designed to be driven on pavement. As their name suggests, these cars typically only do well off the ground.

There are many different types of 4x4s available for purchase in Pakistan such as pickup trucks, sport utility vehicles (SUVs), crossovers, and more.


People Carriers (minivans)

Nowadays, the people carrier is a staple in almost every car manufacturer’s lineup. Most manufacturers position them as family vehicles but they can be used for many other things, such as transporting employees to work. People carriers have three rows of seats and seven seats can usually fit. The spacious interior is usually enough to seat five adults on one row and two adults on another row. Some people carriers also come with a third row of bench-type seating that could potentially fit three adults or four kids on it.

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