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The Common Auto Parts Everyone Should Have a Basic Knowledge About



Common Auto Parts Everyone Should Have a Basic Knowledge

If you are planning to buy a vehicle or already own one, it would be extremely beneficial to know about the important parts of an automobile and how they work. Having this knowledge will help you make better decisions when taking the vehicle to a service centre, running into some unexpected issue, or maybe even maintaining it yourself.

The auto parts market has developed significantly in the past few years to provide seamless services to repair vehicles as soon as possible. This article discusses the essential parts of a vehicle that help maintain its performance of the vehicle.


It is the unit that stores the energy needed by the vehicle to start the engine. Without a battery, vehicles would not be able to function at all. The batteries in vehicles commonly store energy in chemical form and transform it into electric energy when needed to start the engine.

These simple steps can be followed to maintain the health of the battery.

The battery should be used in regular intervals to maintain its power, as it loses charge rapidly under the hood when it is not used for an extended period. Minimise battery usage when the engine is not in use. Other appliances like the music system and interior lights drain a significant amount of power from the batteries.



This component is the main power supplier in the vehicle. The alternator converts mechanical energy to electrical energy. It also recharges the vehicle’s battery with the converted energy.

Sometimes, you may find that the battery is not working and has swollen; it is likely caused by the alternator having a faulty voltage, which has overcharged the battery.

The alternator generates electricity for the vehicle through a belt which runs on the engine’s crankshaft and provides energy to the vehicle’s appliances and the battery.

Regularly cleaning the alternator of any dirt, grease, or other debris can help with keeping the alternator working properly. Check the electrical connections on the alternator for any corrosion; it can lead to power loss. In such cases, you can change the connection or get it done in a service centre.

Automotive Telematics

Telematics is a communication technology that is widely used in the automobile industry. It provides information through wireless communication about the locations and vehicle electronics. GPS and computers for cars are prime examples of telematics.


The automotive telematics solutions market is thriving with the development of EVs (Electronic Vehicles) and the increasing implementation of 5G.

These systems do not require much maintenance, simply maintaining the electrical system to avoid the irregular flow of voltage and cleaning the parts can ensure the functioning of the systems.


It is the key cooling unit in the vehicle’s cooling system. The radiator delivers a mix of antifreeze and water to parts of the engine, helping it to lose some heat while taking in cool air.

For general maintenance of the radiator, check the coolant levels in the radiator at least twice a year. If the radiator needs to be changed, it is recommended to take it to a service centre, or you can read the vehicle’s repair manual if you want to do it yourself.

AC Compressor

It is the component of the cooling system for pumping coolant throughout the system. Without the ac compressor working correctly, the air condition inside the car will stop providing cool air.


You can figure out that the ac system is not working properly, as you will stop getting any cool air, and the compressor will start making loud noises.

You can maintain the unit if you use the air conditioning once a week and use defrost mode for 5-10 mins. Getting the vehicle serviced frequently can help minimise any damage.


This is an important part of any vehicle. It is the part that allows the rotational energy of an engine to the transmission, which is then used to rotate the wheels. When the driver engages the clutch, it briefly separates the connection of engine and transmission and connects it back when disengaged.

To maintain the proper functioning of the clutch, stop using the clutch as a footrest; it can loosen and release the bearings. The driver should not keep the clutch pressed even when it is not in use, and it only increases the likelihood of damage, which will require repairs.


Also known as a gearbox, it allows the driver to control the power sent from the engine to the wheel with a set of gears and gear trains. The series of gears in the transmission allows the driver to change the speed based on their liking. Automatic transmission removes the involvement of the driver; the vehicle’s internal computer maintains it.


Manual transmissions are much easier to maintain than automatic as it involves hundreds of components working together with the hydraulics and electronic systems. The main reason for a fault in a manual transmission is user error and the driving style.

One way to maintain a vehicle’s transmission is to check the fluid condition and get it changed periodically. If you notice the transmission is taking time to change gears and slips gears, then immediate service is recommended to avoid further damage.

If you ever feel some malfunction or delay in any vehicle function, it is better to get it serviced by a professional to avoid any further damage and unexpected breakdown.

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