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How to check archived emails in gmail



Gmail has introduced a range of useful organizational features in an effort to help users gain control over their overflowing inboxes. These include labels, nested labels, filters, and something called archiving. There are many benefits to saving emails, but are you aware of what it actually is and also How to check archived emails in gmail?

Let’s take a closer look at archived emails, including their purpose, where they go, and how to get them back. Before you know it, you’ll be using Archive like a pro.

How to check archived emails in Gmail

What Are Archived Emails?

Although many people confuse archived emails with deleted emails, they are very different things. Archived emails are removed from your inbox until someone replies to the email thread, and then they are returned again.

This is a concept offered by Gmail, so keep in mind that other mail providers may not offer the same system, forcing you to choose between deleting emails and keeping them in your inbox.

Where Do Archived Emails Go?

Archived emails go into the ‘Archive‘ folder, but this folder is not automatically displayed on the screen so many people think that the emails are lost forever.


Although the folder doesn’t appear with the other labels, you don’t need to worry – the emails are there and will reappear if new additions are made to the discussion.

Using Archived Emails and Labels as “Folders”

By using archived emails with labels, you can create a sidebar on the left side of the Gmail app that feels like a filing cabinet. You can quickly access emails that need your attention while saving those that don’t. They do.

How to View Archived Emails From Your Web Browser

Viewing Archived emails from Gmail in your web browser is very easy. If you go to the left side of the screen and scroll down, you’ll see something that says ‘All Mail‘. Click it to open it, and you’ll see all your mail, including messages that have been saved.

If you’re looking for a specific message from the archives, you can search for the sender’s email address or a key phrase in the search bar. The saved email thread should appear at the top of the screen. You can then always choose to unarchive the email if you want – just choose the ‘Move’ option and move it back to your primary inbox.

How to View Archived Emails From Your Phone

If you have the official Gmail app for Android or iOS, the process for viewing archived emails is exactly the same. Open the left sidebar on your phone, select ‘All Mail’, and you’ll also see saved mail. You can then type search terms just like on a desktop.


What’s the Purpose of Archived Emails?

The purpose of archived emails is to keep your inbox clean. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the amount of email you receive on a daily basis, so Gmail (and other email servers, like iCloud) have worked to create some handy organizational features that help their users stay on top of things. can help

It also helps you prioritize emails that may be more important. You can archive emails where the other person’s response is due, not yours, so it’s easy to forget until it’s your turn to respond back up in your inbox.

Finally, it provides a great alternative to the trash folder. In the Trash folder, emails are automatically deleted after 30 days. However, you may want to remove an email from your inbox without worrying that it will soon be gone permanently, and that’s where Archive comes in. This way, you can know How to check archived emails in gmail and  you can access the information without clutter even after some time.


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